Hoja Ahmed Yassawi Diwani Hikmet
Sufi Wisdom for 2024 

Diwani Hikmet 

The perfect book of sacred verse and guidance from Sufi saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi in this first ever English edition for over 900 years

For a revealing and insightful 2020 gift yourself the opportunity to sit with one of the greatest Sufi saints and deepen your connection to the Divine as he reveals the solutions for today's world. Compassionate, loving and insight stretching over the centuries since he penned his verse. Helps make sense of an outwardly mad world and how to unravel it through love.

Sacred Sufi Wisdom
1st Ever English Translation


Divine Wisdom

First ever English Translation

This first ever translation in English gives us all an opportunity to connect and sharethe insights, journey and invaluable teachings of Sufi saint Hoja Ahmed Yassawi - which can help each of us on the path of a journey truly worth taking. The Journey to Know The Self.

The Divine Wisdom Diwani Hikmet

is the surviving collection of sacred verse and writings by 11th century Sufi mystic Hoja Ahmed Yassawi.
Yassawi wrote his Hikmet, determined at age 63 to "die to live". This entailed disappearing from the world into an underground cell (hilvet), where he remained for the next sixty two years of mortal life.
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Translation How it came about

As Hoja Ahmed Yassawi laid his quill down, he knew this was the time. His final Hikmet penned, a last thought laid before all seekers and followers that would come to read his work. He also recognised this was not his work - it was the outpouring from Subhan. A deeply grateful smile lit his face and the cell around him, that had been his earthly abode for nigh on sixty three years....... read more

Yassawi presented around the world

This groundbreaking first ever English translation of Hoja Ahmed Yassawi's seminal sacred verses has been welcomed and praised in both his homeland, Kazakhstan and other important centres of the Turkic people... read more

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"May my Hikmet be as honeyed sweetness, For words that nothing can compare" Yassawi, Munajat

Ebook Diwani Hikmet Divine Wisdom

"A mystic in love, with a soul burdened with suffering causes all eighteen worlds to tremble"
Yassawi - Hikmet 64

Robert Sachs

Author, Ayurvedic Master

In Divine Wisdom, spiritual aspirant Hoja Ahmed Yassawi sings his heart out. In the time of life when mortality reveals itself more evidently, Yassawi reflects on his life honestly. He wishes for anyone reading his Hikmet to be inspired to make a similar honest inquiry to reach a faith unshakeable, loving, and dedicated so as to alleviate the suffering of his fellow humankind.