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The main ways to place a wholesale order:
1) Download, print and fill or download and fill form on your desktop, save as a PDF and email to us at Living Zen Books


If physically signing /filling in and post (see address below) to Living Zen Books

Click here to fill out form electronically on your desktop
Please note clicking this link will deposit a pdf form on your desktop. Fill each line appropriately.

"Find no joy in worldly wealth and wares, death takes them all, No matter how good or bad, the damp earth will envelop you. Hoja Ahmed do not spend your life in vanity and sin, You will be honoured, if you devote yourself in Fajr."
Yassawi - Hikmet 100

2) Order through your teleordeing system quoting ISBN: 978-0-9926383-0-6 (or if not registered) go to Nielsen Online Order and sign on. When you arrive at the Nielsen page, if you are not registered into Nielsen, then it is a simple process.

Once we receive your order we shall process and inform you of your unique trade code for referral reward. This code will be used to identify you throughout our system and works to allow us to pay you any roaming commission.

What is roaming commission?
When you order we start by giving you a bunch of A5 flyers to use at your discretion in store, wherever. These are helpful for those not purchasing yet wishing to read more before purchase. In the case where they buy online, they are then asked to input your trade code, which we have already printed on your leaflets.They not only get a 5% discount but we know it is your code they input that warrants you a 10% commission. This can either be redeemed directly or set against future orders as credit. So no sale is lost for anyone.

Another thing we do is place your company on our website, so people looking for local outlets can find you directly and purchase physically. We endeavour to make the ability to source our titles through you as easy and desirable as possible.

For any general queries contact Jonathan here

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Postal Address for Living Zen Books:
11 Fairfield Gardens, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9NH