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When it comes to the sources we have been assisted helping us create this work, the most important must be laid at the throne of Allah, The Magnificent, Most Holy and Compassionate and Most Merciful. Without the gifts of breath, life and blessedness we have been endowed, none of this is possible.

To His servant Hoja Ahmed Yassawi, may he be blessed eternally, who through divine grace handed down pearls and diamonds, scattering them before all who can now be blessed, being able to read this humble English translation we are honoured to publish.

To Anuarbek Bokebay, whose treasured and scholarly Russian translation has given us such joy and inspiration to work from, we offer undying thanks for his initial request to translate into English.

"May my Hikmet be the praise of the Lord, For lovers the cure for all their loving ills. May my Hikmet be as honeyed sweetness, For words that nothing can compare" 
Yassawi - Munajat

To our dear friend and life long scholar Mirahmet Mirhaldarov, whose patience, scholarship and insight opened up the original Chagatai and allowed us to speak and listen to Yassawi directly.

We share the story of translation as it is one revealing threads woven into the infinite wonder of all and revealing a purpose far greater than our mere mortal perceptions could dream of. Such is the glory of God that a higher purpose and knowledge will always outwit and humble mortals to the beauty that is Love.
May all who sup this cup Yassawi lays at our table, in the form of this translation, taste and get to know the greater elixir within.....

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