A Story of Divine Guidance

As Hoja Ahmed Yassawi laid his quill down, he knew this was the time. His final Hikmet penned, a last thought laid before all seekers and followers that would come to read his work. He also recognised this was not his work, it was the outpouring from Subhan.

A deeply grateful smile lit his face and the cell around him, that had been his earthly abode for nigh on sixty three years. The smile was not for the completion, it was for the final journey he was to make that evening. As the last candle's flame faded, he would ascend for the last and final time to his Beloved. To be greeted by Munkar Nakeer, asked the questions and for Jibrail to accompany this surrendered soul to final rest in the Heavenly Abode he had striven so many years to deserve. He also knew it would be almost nine hundred earthly years later his immortal words would be finally spread throughout the manifest world as he had wished.
Shortly after Kazakhstan had gained independence in 1991 from the former Soviet Union, a retired local Communist community leader, Anuarbek Bokebay took out some well hidden and dangerous documents from a bookshelf secreted well out of sight of prying eyes.
For many years the mere ownership of these books and documents would have been considered treason.Yet 

"Rise up early, turn hardship into sweetness, Hold tight the hem of the master, Give your soul to the love of the Lord, Once given, true love clarifies"
Yassawi - Hikmet 65

Bokebay knew within the covers of the Diwani Hikmet (Divine Wisdom) were pearls and diamonds far more precious than any threat from a mundane authority, no matter how powerful. He always, in his heart knew the real Power was Divine. The true Potentate was neither Tsar, Politburo, Party Head, Sultan, King or Crown. He found no contradiction in serving State when needed and as he pulled the hidden files into the light, his service now was to one human and one alone - a sultan born way back in the 11th century. This mystic poet, Hoja Ahmed Yassawi had for centuries kept the heart and spiritual pulse of all Turkic people and amongst those, the Kazakh race, alive.
A hidden impulse commanded him to turn his devotion, love and protection towards bringing the ancient words of Chagatai into the modern world through Kazakh and Russian. The self same love the quill of Yassawi had been guided to inscribe upon the parchment all those centuries back would now live on and be broadcast through the modern press, internet and the communication of the 21st century.

In 2011, his work, almost complete, Anuarbek felt something was missing and what it was he sensed, was that a Russian and Kazakh translation was not going to find the global audience, he knew Yassawi had wished for. In Astana, the country's capital divine motion was underway. His concerns would be answered sooner than he had dreamed.

A three month business trip to Kazakhstan in 2011 held the potential for many new openings for Virve Trapman. As an insightful, perceptive, motivational professional in the field of human potential, Kazakhstan's burgeoning commercial reputation certainly would benefit from her expertise. A Russian born Estonian with wide linguistic skills, she attended a conference on architecture in Astana. The capital blossomed with new architectural wonders to match any Middle Eastern or Oriental capital's bravado. However it was her meeting with Samatbek Bokebay, Anuarbek's brother, world renowned architect and passionate promoter of Yassawi's work that became the focus. Samatbek was as keen to see his brother's seminal work translated into English - offering the greatest global awareness of the mystic's great work. It was not long before Virve found herself at the airport, no ticket at hand but hoping to get to Shymkent in the south.

A full flight suddenly turned into a flight with one spare seat and she was soon to meet Samatbek's friend, Shaharbek, a successful cotton grower, whose passion and life was to give back to these parts of Central Asia, the huge heritage they contained. Visiting several sacred sites of the ancient saints and coming to feel the importance that Yassawi was to, not only the local Sufi and Islamic community, but the wider global community, she was introduced and met with Anuarbek. Yassawi's lamp was further passed on its journey.

Visiting Turkestan, meeting with Shireen, Anuarbek's wife, Virve now felt the total dedication of the family, so keen to get Hoja Ahmed Yassawi's 'pearls and diamonds' into the global consciousness. 

So when the question was posed - "Will you and your husband please translate the work into English?" there was no doubt as to the answer.

When Anuarbek suddenly and sadly passed from the world a few months later, the impetus to make sure his beginnings were completed, became an imperative. Jonathan and Virve sat down to begin a journey that for them was to take on an epic inner and, to an extent outer journey that was to change their lives forever. The first station on that path, the path of Love that we all in our own way travel, is arrived at with the first ever English translation of the Divine Wisdom Hoja Ahmed Yassawi laid down, having 'died to live' in a small hilvet in Turkestan and that Abode of Peace from where he guided the comprehension, hands and hearts of two spiritual servants many centuries later. 

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