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Some Testimonials and press offerings of what people have been saying about the Divine Wisdom (Diwani Hikmet) of Hoja Ahmed Yassawi....

As an English speaker I am so grateful for this translation, which captures the power, warmth, texture and grace of these powerful verses. Each Hikmet is like a little journey for the soul, where the language wraps around you, transporting you to a place of inner transformation. It is a pleasure to dip into every day!
Katherine Fenton - Actress/Broadcaster

This is a beautiful book. A must have! A book everyone should have by their bedside to give hope, inspiration and wisdom. This is truly a spiritual gift
Amber Lee - Counsellor UK

In Divine Wisdom, spiritual aspirant Hoja Ahmed Yassawi sings his heart out. In the time of life when mortality reveals itself more evidently, Yassawi reflects on his life
honestly. He wishes for anyone reading his Hikmet to be inspired to make a similar
honest inquiry to reach a faith unshakeable, loving, and dedicated so as to alleviate
the suffering of his fellow humankind.

Robert Sachs - Author on Tibetan Buddhist teachings

Worship and faith are highly personal matters, and in our emerging world of love,
peace and compassion, these will be respected for every individual, even if different
forms of personal worship or faith occur in the same family. Each has his or her own
way to commune with that universal Divine presence that is part of us all, just as
Yassawi's work is universal.

Craig Pruess, composer/musician, Art of Living teacher

Your book has been well received here in Jambes!
Congratulations on such a major task. Presentation is excellent!

Chris T, Belgium

"A mystic in love, with a soul burdened with suffering causes all eighteen worlds to tremble"
Yassawi - Hikmet 64

In the 2015 bi-annual edition of Nomad Kazakhstan magazine,
Divine Wisdom gets an excellent review:

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